• As a result of completing this Intuitive Development Course:

  • You’ll have stronger accuracy in your intuition

  • You’ll tell the difference between real and imagined, psychic and self

  • You’ll feel better able to define quality relationships

  • This course builds you towards advanced soul development

    Why? Accurate intuition is the mediator between your personality self and the soul

  • Without a strong understanding of your intuition...

    You can feel brutally open to your vulnerability

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Love it or get your money back.

Most importantly

You'll feel safe in your intuitive skills and natural sensitivity

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  • Rachel, UK
    I’ve stayed with Heidi for 15 years. Heidi is not scared to say the really tough things and doesn’t beat around the bush.
    Rachel, UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got Questions? Email Support@HeidiSawyer.com or call the sales office on +44(0)1252 820 668 - during office hours

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How is the course organised? The course is set out in weekly amounts; some video lessons, a meditation and a journal exercise delivered to you in a safe and secure member's only area. 

Can I go at my own pace? You can absorb it at your own pace, but I will be sending you easy weekly reminders 

  • Vicky, France
    Heidi has been my guide for at least 12 years. I trust Heidi implicitly with my mind on all levels
    Vicky, France
  • Sharon
    WOAH! My mind is blown how incredibly accurate your readings are.
  • Noreen, Ireland
    I have only positive feedback about working with Heidi. Heidi has empowered me over the years to heal myself and understand myself so much better.
    Noreen, Ireland

It is Time for you to Develop Your Intuition

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Class Started. You can still join us though.