Pre-Webinar MasterClass:

1. book

Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People

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2. Podcast

Episode 01: Inner Nurturance and the ‘Nurturance Gap’

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3. Course

Harness your intuitive ability to 'see around corners'. Let your gift of intuition become your most trusted advisor in life - Course now open

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4. Circle

You are not alone - You will finally feel understood as part of a supportive online membership community of Intuitive-Sensitive People (ISPs)

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The 4 ways knowledge is shared with you on this website

By design, each aspect of this website stands independently. However, at the same time each fits interdependently with the next.
    • 1. Book:
This is like Heidi explaining the concept of a car, explaining the '7 pieces' e.g. wheels, body, engine, etc and how they all work in unison. Buy your own copy of the book in order to understand Heidi's core concept of the 7 Steps. You can leave this site and go to Amazon to buy a copy of Heidi's new book - Available on Amazon - (link will open in a new window). Alternatively you can get a brief overview of the 7 Steps at the end of this page
    • 2. Podcast:
This is like Heidi teaching you the idea of driving and how it can dramatically speed up your journey Part 2 of the book offers a 7 Step 'Path to Purpose'. The podcast takes each step one at a time (from bottom #1 to top #7) and provides a deeper look at each - leave this site and go to iTunes to listen/watch - Available on iTunes - (link will open in a new window)
    • 3. Course:
This is like Heidi encouraging you to get into a driving simulator and actually give this whole driving lark a go for yourself! Or if you already know how to 'drive' you will receive the depth of instruction you have been searching for, to move to the next step on your Spiritual Journey Heidi is your expert instructor and your fellow students will encourage and champion your progress. Consisting of 1 Video + 3 Meditations each week for (are you starting to see the pattern? You guessed it) 7 Weeks this is your chance to implement these concepts into you life within a safe and supportive environment - Re-Released soon join the Early list here
    • 4. Heidi's Circle:
You are now ready to get out onto the open road and drive! ...and to perhaps one day to even teach others how to drive...
Access to Heidi is like Spiritual Sat Nav
Inevitably there will be bumps in the road, which you need to navigate around or better yet see coming. So when you have questions, which you will, Heidi's Circle is the safe and private place to ask Heidi live, to help you navigate your journey. The Circle is like having access to a live 'Spiritual Sat Nav' When you go on a journey, it is also nice to travel with other people of a similar mindset to keep you company, who not only know about 'cars' but also how to 'drive'. You will make deep soul-level connections with your fellow Intuitive-Sensitives as part of our supportive community of like-minded and kind people. All Circle members are encouraged to at least read the book and listen/watch the podcast as these are both great starting points to rapidly increase your confidence in your intuition and to ultimately learn how to 'see around corners'.