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The Orphan Archetype

Dissolving the Belief: In Life You’re on Your Own

  • How to 10X Your Life Dreams
  • The Secret to True Self-Reliance
  • Where Your Real 'Home' is
  • Full Course consists of 6 videos, 1 exercise and 1 meditation.

Please allow 1-2 hours to complete it

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"What a brilliant topic! My orphan was bouncing about with excitement when she knew she could let go of the fantasy role and find her true self."

- Florence G, Inner Circle Member

Welcome to this session.

You’re here because you believe that in life you’re ultimately on your own.

Over and over it’s been proven to you - everyone is preoccupied with themselves.

You’re there for others through thick and thin, yet when others want to be part of your life and be there for you, you find it SO hard to accept.

You would say, “No it’s OK thanks, I can manage by myself” even if your leg was hanging off!!

Yet you still hang around looking for  crumbs of affection or for approval from those who are reluctant to give it or are too self-involved to notice what you would ever need.

Inside, you feel lonely and emotionally dissatisfied, even if your life is full of people.

This is The Orphan Archetype you’re familiar with.

It’s the times you’ve waited to be rescued.

The person you have wanted in your life who takes the time to SEE you – to KNOW you.

People  have shown up, and they  were all the things you’ve been waiting for . . . but then then . . . they disappeared.   Either they went missing completely from your life, or they switched into something or someone you weren’t expecting.

Why does something have all the promise of being great but the reality doesn’t materialise?

The Orphan Archetype shows up to create the ultimate rescue.

The connection of the self, beyond self-abandonment, into Interdependence: the safe, secure world of true self-esteem and value.  

The journey of The Orphan Archetype begins with feeling left.  You feel exposed, anxious and feel life cannot be trusted. Your safest option is to become ‘good’  - a fantastic ‘pleaser’. You drift into an easier life.  You forego your dreams and settle for work you don’t love, and for relationships that don’t treat you well. You restrict your ambitions, believing they’re not really possible. 

Then the push happens.  

You feel what the Orphan sets out to achieve - the fullness of the interdependent self, the healing of self-abandonment.  

And you begin to understand that this is the end of wishing life was different and the beginning of making it happen.  

Imagine your life from that perspective - that whatever you wanted to be different  . . . it actually could be.

For magic to happen in life, it requires stability across all emotions.

No one can become a master of consciousness without taking the journey from rejection to acceptance.

The Orphan shows you that through the Soul’s expansion.  

Now it’s time for you to continue that move to mastery within emotion, and to realise it’s not about hiding.   

It's about the call of Adventure.  

It’s about taking the first step on the Orphan’s healing path.