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Heidi Sawyer

is a British author, speaker, intuition expert and transformation coach known for her online courses, podcast, YouTube videos and self-help books, including the best-seller Highly Intuitive People (Hay House). Her speciality is creating transformation through accessing the unconscious, specifically for Intuitive-Sensitive People using the power of her Unconscious Resonance Method. Her videos have been viewed more than 1.5 million times, her courses have helped more than 75,000 Intuitive-Sensitives in 121 countries and she has personally spoken to more than 6,000 clients 1-2-1 since 1996. The depth of Heidi's work has created an enviable reputation within the Mind, Body, Spirit industry. Heidi has been featured on BBC radio, The Mail on Sunday, RTE 1

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Jane Barnes
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Marina Duskov
Intuition Coaching Member